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Center for Genetics and Society
The CGS is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering a medium for ethical debate concerning advances in genetic research, including cloning and gene modification. The site offers a number of discussion forums concerning genetic advances as well as updated new reports and articles on the subject.

Journal of Genomics, Society, and Policy
The GSP journal is an online peer reviewed journal which focuses on a broad spectrum of biotechnology issues including human enhancement and nanotechnology.

The Nanoethics Group
The Nanoethics Group is an organization dedicated not to advocacy, but rather education and discussion concerning technological advances and ethical issues in the field of nanotechnology. This site is a good resource particularly for persons unfamiliar with nanotechnology.

International Society for Stem Cell Research
The ISSCR is a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to stem cell research advancement. Regardless of your viewpoint on the topic the site offers good resource information concerning new developments in the areas of science and ethics surrounding stem cell research.

World Technologies Evaluation Center
This site contains technical reports on practical uses of nanotechnology, including the improvement of human performance. Anyone interested in the ethics of biotechnology would benefit from visiting the site. See also the NSF link below for more information

National Science Foundation
The NSF site offers the latest news and information concerning government funded research. It includes an extensive database of scientific reports and data from a variety of research in the biotech field.