Consortium of Jesuit Bioethics Programs

Consortium of Jesuit Bioethics Programs
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The Consortium of Jesuit Bioethics Programs (CJBP) was founded in 2007 by its charter members representing Creighton University, Georgetown University, Loyola Marymount University, Loyola University Chicago, Regis University, St. Joseph’s University, and St. Louis University.

The Consortium exists to promote education, research and expertise in bioethics consistent with the values of Jesuit higher education and in service to the Church and our society. We will accomplish this through collaboration among Jesuit bioethics programs in the United States.

To this end, the following objectives are established by its members:

  • To explore how best to integrate our Jesuit, Catholic mission as we make public statements, conduct research, provide consults, and train ethicists and healthcare professionals
  • To share information about resources, strategies, delivery issues, and the needs of those in the fields of academic bioethics and healthcare
  • To foster the strength of our programs by jointly creating an identity for Jesuit bioethics programs and by developing a strong positive voice in our universities, the Church and society
  • To increase the visibility of our programs and to grow and recruit students and faculty for Jesuit bioethics programs
  • To collaborate on projects (e.g., a conference series) that foster and reinforce the identity of Jesuit bioethics programs
  • To pursue resources to support our shared mission
  • To foster and encourage international collaboration among Jesuit bioethics programs
  • To collaborate with the Catholic Health Association and the larger Catholic health ministry in identifying and pursuing our concrete service goals for healthcare

Bioethics Institute
Loyola Marymount University

Center for Clinical Bioethics
Georgetown University

Center for Health Policy and Ethics
Creighton University

Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics
St. Louis University

Institute of Catholic Bioethics
St. Joseph´s University

Center for Ethics and Leadership in the Health Professions
Regis University

Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy
Loyola University Chicago