Human Rights

Human Rights Organizations
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United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Culture Organization
Founded in 1945 partially in response to the atrocities uncovered near the end of World War II, this branch of the United Nation’s self proclaimed mission is to build peace in the minds of human beings throughout the world using not only education, but activism to help resolve global issues such as poverty, injustice, and religious violence just to name a few.

Amnesty International - USA
Amnesty International has been foundational for decades in unveiling the hidden stories of infringement of human rights and dignity throughout the world. The site offers online articles and blogs concerning current human rights issues as well as opportunities for advocacy. Topics covered include human torture, religious persecution, political violence, etc.

Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems
HURIDOCS is an international database that allows you to search over 3000 human rights websites. This site can be a vital tool for human rights research and seeking out locally based organizations.

Physicians for Human Rights
For over twenty years PHR has been utilizing physicians, nurses, public health specialists, and other health professionals to advocate for the preservation of human dignity and justice. The organization leads political advocacy campaigns against acts of injustice including human torture as well as offering physical and mental examinations for persons seeking political asylum as a part of their Asylum Network program.